Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Just Follow Me

My novel, Just Follow Me, will be published by Pen-L Publishing, on December 12, 2014! For updates please go to

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Johnny Drake, Time Traveler on Kindle Scout

I need your support! Amazon has a new way to get published by them. It’s called Kindle Scout. Only writers who had entered their Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest were invited to submit their finished novels to Kindle Scout. Writers submit their book and then readers get to read excerpts and nominate up to three books that they want to see published by Amazon. If published the author gets an advance and 50% of sales. So, I need you to nominate my book.

My book goes live on Monday Oct. 27th and will stay up for a month, till Nov. 26. The site is not live yet, so I won’t know exactly how it looks or works until it is. This will be the link to my book starting Monday, Oct. 27. (won’t work now):

Thank you!