Sunday, September 18, 2005

Publisher's Marketplace

In an attempt to land an agent I have to first get an agent to read my manuscript. To increase my chances of this actually happening, I've purchased a page on Publisher's Marketplace. It's a good place to network, an excellent resource to research agents, and basically the place to be if your are part of the publishing world. Check out my page:
Donald Capone


AntToeKnee said...

Quick quesition, is the "See you next Tuesday" title anykind of reference to John Landis?

Don Capone said...

No. This anthology is a collection of erotic short stories, hence the title. CUN(ext)T(uesday).

Tom Saunders said...

Good luck with the page, Don.

And, um, the anthology.

Don Capone said...

Thanks, Tom.
My story will probably be the tamest one, but I'm glad to be in an anthology—looks good on the ol' writing resume in my hunt for an agent.