Thursday, October 13, 2005


I heard from the agent who had the first 100 pages of my manuscript. As you probably deduced from the title of this post, the news wasn't so good. Here is her response:

"Many thanks for sending Into the Sunset, but I'm sorry to say I didn't like the writing. 

"Please know that my strategy is to go with what I like, and my response to a manuscript isn't always a reflection of what publishers are looking for.

"Thanks again for giving me an opportunity to consider your work."

OK, so the line about not liking the writing threw me for a second. I've been exposed for the fraud that I am! Why did I ever think I could write in the first place?! But I have confidence in my writing. Maybe she didn't like the humor, or the first-person narration. Maybe it wasn't "literary" enough. It is what it is: a mainstream comedy with jokes about sex, the workplace, jealousy, sex, toilet paper, hemorrhoids, centaurs, spying, more sex. Hell, what's not to like? It's pop, it's funny, it's a quick read. I'd buy it if I saw it in a book store.

Time to send out some more query letters...


JN said...


I must say I found the "I didn't like the writing" comment rather blunt, but don't despair. Just keep sending out those queries.

On one of the writing forums I belong to, there's been a new 'stat' floating around - that 'Four Fulls Must Be Read' before representation is offered. Out of curiosity I checked my query spreadsheet and guess what? Yup. My offer for representation came on the fourth as well!

SusanD said...

Query on, Don. It is a weird comment she made, but I guess it's a personal taste thing. The novel is great, it'll get landed.

Tribeless said...

... if the agent was going to give that much detail, you might have thought she may have explicated herself just a little bit further. Cruel people, these agents. Best of luck with it Don.

Mark Hubbard

Don Capone said...

Yeah, without an explanation, I could almost take it as "Your writing is so bad I wouldn't even know where to start." (But I didn't take it that way.)

I read the first 6 pages to my writing group last night and everyone liked it. Made me feel better.

Tom Saunders said...

I don't like her or her writing.

Ellen said...

Youch. That's a pretty heartless remark. Screw her. You're better off with a different agent. She sounds very unprofessional.