Friday, November 25, 2005

Susan DiPlacido's Mutual Holdings

My buddy Susan DiPlacido has yet another novel hitting the bookshelves this week. This one is called Mutual Holdings and it is another sexy, funny, romantic blast! I had the pleasure of reading a near-final draft and I have to say, now that Susan is a big successful author, living the high life and dating celebrities, drinking expensive wine and driving fancy cars (occasionally at the same time) she still hasn’t lost her edge. She might even be getting edgier! Get on board the DiPlacido wagon before the inevitable burnout and self-imposed seclusion. Here is the synopsis for Mutual Holdings:

A successful New York accountant, Lisa Russo is happily single. At thirty she has a growing career, a nice home, and her nights are rarely lonely. It doesn't hurt that her business partner and ex-flame, Tony Mancuso, is always nearby to offer advice, and more, whenever she desires it.

But Lisa's pleasantly structured life gets thrown into chaos when handsome and sophisticated businessman Gianni Loren hires her to reconcile some of his foreign holdings. Gianni, however, is quickly smitten with much more than just Lisa's business sense. As the vibes between them progress from savvy to sultry, he asks her to join him back in Italy as a permanent member of his company, and his life.

But Lisa is not sure she's willing to give up her thriving career at home to risk it all on this one enigmatic foreigner, especially now that Tony, suddenly faced with the possibility of a life without her, is turning up the heat to keep her in the business, and with him.

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I should add, this is published by Magic Carpet Books, an imprint of B&N. So go to Barnes & Noble or their website to purchase Mutual Holdings!

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