Monday, April 03, 2006

"Serious literary fiction with a pop edge."

I guess I received a sort of backhanded compliment for my novel Into the Sunset. This is a rejection I received today from the small press Impetus:

Dear Me.(sic) Capone,

While your novel sounds interesting, Impetus doesn't publish mainstream
fiction--only serious literary fiction with a pop edge, that falls
in-between the mainstream and commercial presses.

All best,

Jennifer Banash

Impetus Press

So, my work isn't "serious" or "literary," but it is mainstream. Woo-hoo! That's what I've been trying to tell everyone else who rejected it!


SusanD said...

Don, if something is funny, it's often not taken "seriously". And, your work is VERY funny. That said, I think it's also "serious".

Tribeless said...

Where to with the book from here Don?

Mark Hubbard

Don Capone said...

Hey Mark,
I have two subs still out with small presses (and I'll probably try a few more), but I also have something else up my sleeve (more on that later).

Ans Susan, thanks for the support!

snellme said...

Take heart: The "publisher" who rejected your manuscript has only published one book to date...her own.
You can always take the vanity route like Ms. Banash. ; )

Don Capone said...

That's interesting. I didn't know that. Guess her book is "serious" with a "pop" edge." Thanks for the info!

impetuspress said...

I'm not sure its "vanity route" if you start a press to help other people--we have 5 signed authors to date, and, yes, we are small. I see nothing wrong with putting my own work out there along with other talented writers whose work falls into the same boat as mine. We are releasing The Deam Sequence, by Jate Hunter this summer, and Vernon Downs by Jaime Clarke and Fires by Nick Antosca this winter, etc, etc. If I was only interested in self publishing, I really wouldn;t bother publsihing otehr people--i'd save my money!

Jennifer Banash
Impetus Press

snellme said...


I hope *your* publisher can spell.