Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rebel Press nominates 6 stories for Pushcart Prize

Rebel Press is proud to announce its nominations for this year's Pushcart Prize.

Roof Whirl Away, by Tom Saunders, Rebellion: New Voices of Fiction
Bloodlines, by Susan DiPlacido, Rebellion: New Voices of Fiction
On the Bridge, by T.J. Forrester, Rebellion: New Voices of Fiction
Everything is Something to Somebody, by Marcus Grimm, Rebellion: New Voices of Fiction
Quiet, by Katrina Denza, Rebellion: New Voices of Fiction
nineleven, by Donald Capone, Stories From Sunset Hill

Pushcart Prize
Rebel Press


SusanD said...

Congrats, Don! "nineleven" is a great story!

ivoryfishbone said...

congratulations ... i am wondering if that tom saunders is the one i know from ...

Don Capone said...

Thanks. And yes, I believe that is the same Tom.

ivoryfishbone said...

aww the dear old beardie darling ... damn good writer he is too ...

Sherry Allyn Norman said...


It's good to see fellow Zoe-ers win.

All the best,

Sherry Allyn Norman

Don Capone said...

Thanks, Sherry. But we haven't won yet! Just nominated. Keep your fingers crossed.