Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hurricane Season!

One of my favorite writers, Tim Dorsey, was in New York last night (Feb. 28). He did a book signing downtown in Greenwich Village at a great little bookshop called Partners & Crime, and afterward invited everyone out to a bar/club called Siberia up on 40th between 8th and 9th avenues. About 6 or 8 of us joined him and we hung out and drank a few beers. Dorsey is a very friendly, funny, and likeable guy, definitely the life of and star of the party. Lot of good stories were told, many about the zany things that have happened to him on his book tours.

His new novel is Hurricane Punch, which is the ninth adventure starring the one and only Serge A. Storms and his stoner partner Coleman. Now that I have my autographed copy, I can dive into the very sick mind of Tim Dorsey!


ivoryfishbone said...

was it foggy?

Don Capone said...

What? Siberia? Or are you making fun of my crappy cell phone pic? : D

ivoryfishbone said...

guilty as charged!