Sunday, December 30, 2007

American Cool—4 1/2 Stars!

American Cool is Susan DiPlacido's hot collection of short stories. So hot, in fact, that Romantic Times gave it 4 1/2 Stars in its latest edition, on newsstands now. Congratulations Susan!

Realistic jargon paints the settings, and the use of unusual points of view is refreshing. A bit like a literary Pulp Fiction, this book offers a glimpse into the exciting, sometimes dangerous lives of people living on the edge.
—Reviewed by Jennifer R. Wells-Marani, Romantic Times

Be Cool too:

Don't forget to read an interview with Susan here.


SusanD said...

Thanks Don! I like your short down there.

Don Capone said...

You're welcome. I also put this blog entry on my PM page.

BTW, you should never say "I like your short down there" to a guy!