Friday, July 04, 2008

Lost Marathon

So, until two weeks ago, I was probably the last person left to have never seen an episode of Lost. And now, somehow, I've watched half of the series, having just finished Season 2 on DVD (yes, I know you can watch it on for free, but I don't like the sound of that little message that says I agree to give ABC "total access" to my computer while downloading their stupid little viewer).

Watching 48 episodes in two weeks is an impressive feat, but because I'm still two seasons behind the rest of the world, it would be pointless to offer up any of my own pathetic little theories. What I want to do instead is mention the eerie resemblance between Henry Ian Cusick, the actor who plays Desmond, and a young Eric Clapton:

It's distracting. When Cusick is on screen, all I'm thinking about is how much he looks like Clapton, and how someone should get on the ball and make a biopic about Clapton right now (are you out there, Martin Scorsese?). The timing is right, too, with the recent publications of both Clapton's and Pattie Boyd's autobiographies. Just work from those two books, hire actors to play Pattie and George Harrison, and by all means acquire the rights to the songs, and you've got a hit biopic on your hands which would include a hot soundtrack.

Okay, I need to get working on Season 3 now...


erika325 said...

Heh're not the only one :)

Don Capone said...

Hi Erika,

Good, I'm not the only one. And it's not just the long hair or the beard. I actually first noticed the resemblance during a flashback, when Desmond had short hair. It's the eyes, I think.

Black Griffin said...

yeah, and a bit of bee gees too. LOL