Sunday, August 03, 2008

The case of the missing hubcaps

That's my car below, a 2005 Toyota Matrix. I love it. Stylish, good gas mileage, tons of storage space in back, chick magnet. What more could you want?

Last year I lost a hubcap. Not the end of the world. I just figured I'd order another one. Before I got a chance to, however, I lost another one. Only the two front ones remained. Round about this time I began to notice other Matrixes were also missing hubcaps. (This is on the lower model, not the fancy-ass XRS version, which has actual chrome rims.) In fact, just about every other Matrix I saw was missing at least one hubcap.

One morning last week I left my house to go to work and noticed the front passengers side hubcap had also gone missing.

....And then there was one.

Where have all the hubcaps gone? Why don't they stay on the wheels of Matrixes? Why is Toyota selling cars that don't hold onto their hubcaps? Is Toyota aware of this problem? Or could this be some Detroit-led conspiracy? After all, Toyota is kicking ass and taking names, leading the pack with their hybrid Prius. Or maybe it's some sicko with a hubcap fetish, lurking in the bushes and popping off the hubcaps one at a time to feed his sick desires?

Well, I still have one left. It's only a matter of time before it joins its hubcap brothers, leaving my wheels naked and my car looking like some Manhattan gypsy cab. But I have to admire its tenacity. Maybe it'll stick around after all.

UPDATE 8/22: I've order new tires and new rims. Yes, real rims. No more hubcaps needed! Right after Labor Day I should have them on my car. If my last remaining hubcap sticks around till then, what should I do with it?


Isorski said...

OK, this is classic! Keep us posted about your lone 'cap.

Amy said...

Just found you through my Google search for "My Matrix looks like complete shix because it has no hubcaps left."

But I suppose I was just being dramatic...I also have the front dirver's side hanging strong.

Don Capone said...


This is so funny that you found my post. Maybe we should start a support group for hubcap-less Matrix owners.


I'll post pics as soon as I get my new wheels!


madmatrixman said...

send your matrix missing hubcap photos to

I'm starting a photo album for all to enjoy (especially Toyota).

Tim Jet said...

I bought all six of them for a mere $10, and have no need for them. They don't fit on a BMW 2002 because they are for a 14 inch rim.Used Hubcaps

ava said...

Yes, My 2005 (basic model) has gradually lost ALL hubcaps. My mechanic says there is no need for them other than aesthetics ......So I've been trying to ignore the issue . But the car looks so crappy w/o them.....makes it look like an old, schlump of a car. So I'm considering replacing them, but I sure don't want to start losing them again.

Think I'll call the local Toyota dealer and see what they say.

Donald Capone said...


Toyota will just try to sell you a 2014 Matrix instead haha. You can always buy nice chrome rims that aren't too expensive. I got mine at