Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Five Star Literary Stories hits milestone

I while back I blogged about Five Star Literary Stories. They seek out the best of the best—short stories that is. This is how it works: an editor of a publication nominates what he/she believes is one of their best stories, and gives the reasons why they think this. Then another author reviews the story. And of course a link is provided so you, the reader, can enjoy the story for yourself.

Five Star just hit a landmark, their 25th review! So check out the site, and discover some great stories and excellent writers.

Five Star Literary Stories' statement:

Five Star Literary Stories combines three integral facets of the writing life: publisher, story, and reviewer. Each story is editor-nominated and considered one of the best the mag has published.

I was lucky to be one of their first reviewers. Check out my review of "I've Got Dreams to Remember" by Andrew Bomback.

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