Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lost Season 5-Destiny Calls

Here is the poster for Season 5 of Lost. The new season starts Wednesday January 21, 2009! Before this summer, I had never seen even one episode of this show. Then I took the first three seasons out of the library and watched them all obsessively—3, 4, 5 episodes a day. The library only gives you a week, so basically I watched three seasons in three weeks. Do the math: 21 days and 69 episodes. Season 4 was less stressful: I bought the DVD set, and there were only 13 episodes due to the writers strike. So now I am officially caught up, after completing Season 4 this past weekend. It's going to really suck having to wait a week between episodes now.



Anonymous said...

That reminds me of winter break last year. I ended up watching seasons 1,2 and 3 over the course of three weeks. Now I'm hopelessly addicted to LOST.

Having to wait a week between episodes during season four was tremendously difficult. However, it does give you time to really sit and think about each episode.

So whats your verdict on Jin. Dead or alive?

Don Capone said...

Hi Dan,

I think Jin is alive. Unless I see a dead body now, I don't assume a character is dead. (Hell, even if I DO see a body I don't believe they're dead.)

I think it (Jin not really being dead though there's a tombstone) ties in to Sun trying to take over her father's business.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are probably right. It's definitely going to be an exciting season.

Isorski said...

I love Lost. I like the fact that the producers have publically said that they will only let the show run a couple more seasons, so we know they are going to wrap up the crazy story over time. I guess!

My wife and I used Netflix to watch all of The Sopranos from season one, and we did the same thing with Six Feet Under. Wow, what an experience.