Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boomerang Kids

There is an article in the Boston Globe today about "Boomerang Kids." Boomerang kids are adult children who return home to live with their parents. This is a major subplot in my comic novel Into the Sunset (I also call them boomerang kids). My character Wayne is an editor who is writing an article on the subject. Basically, it is the same article as the one in the Boston Globe! Here is the link:

Boomerang Kids


Sue said...

You are a writer - something I admire. I have only lately discovered writing and have been working on 8 short stories, two or three of which seem good (to me.)

How about some encouragement and advice.

Don Capone said...

Hi Sue,

If you enjoy fiction writing you should definitely pursue it more. The first thing I did was take a short adult education course. I liked the teacher and was encouraged, then stumbled upon a writers group at my local library, so I joined them. This is a good way to compare your writing to others at the same level and get some good feedback. So you should look into something like that. And just keep writing!

Sue said...

Thanks Don - That is probably the best advice you could give me. So far I have done it all on my own. And the bottom line is how good it really is. I'm the only one who has read it.

SusanD said...

Don, you always have the spot-in ideas of the moment. Now you just need a major studio or publisher to figure that out and hire you!