Thursday, March 29, 2012

Into the Sunset, FREE on 3/30/12

The Kindle version of my comic novel Into the Sunset will be available for FREE on Friday, March 30th. Grab it while you can!

WHEN a thirty year-old bachelor disguises himself as an old man to live in The Sunset, a retirement community, will everything go as smoothly as planned? Of course not! His elderly love interest becomes suspicious of his under-cover-of-darkness-only lovemaking, his neighbor wants to experiment with Viagra®, the head of security is more interested in extortion than security, and the woman who runs the community may be on to his scheme. Can Wayne survive old age?

"Capone has a vivid imagination and a unique voice."
—Romantic Times Book Review Magazine

"Capone’s Into the Sunset is entertaining comedy at its best. Even the madcap premise makes you laugh. I admired Capone’s plot... Each puzzle piece fits together perfectly by the novel’s end."
—Donna George Storey, author of Amorous Woman

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Hi Don! Thanks for entering my giveaway and leaving comments! Into the sunset seems very..interesting! lol

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