Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Columbine, reviewed

One of the reporters on scene during the tragedy, author Dave Cullen spent ten years researching and writing this book. He does a great job of detailing the crime—before, during, and after the event—and shatters many of the myths and misconceptions that arose. Like, the killers were loners who were bullied by jocks and finally "snapped" and got their ultimate revenge. That is the prevailing myth about Columbine. It is wrong. Cullen explains the psychology behind the methodical planning of psychopath Eric Harris and his partner in crime, Dylan Klebold, and the impact their crime had on the community. Columbine is a fascinating, scary, and insightful read.


starviego said...

If you want to find out what really happened at Columbine I suggest you read what the eyewitnesses had to say:

Don Capone said...

Thanks for the links, starviego. I'll read through them later when I get a chance. Cullen does touch on the subject of other shooters in the book. Mainly he dismisses the idea by saying that the two killers just took off their long coats at one point, making their appearance different, and by suggesting that witnesses aren't always reliable because of the traumatic experience they endured.

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