Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thuhuhuhuhuh Yankees WIN!

The New York Yankees won their 27th World Series championship last night against the Philadelphia Phillies, and the first one in their spanking new Stadium. They opened this decade with a WS win (against the Mets), and now have closed the decade with a championship.

27 championships. Think about that. The New York franchise came into existence in 1903 (then known as the Highlanders), so in 107 baseball seasons, they have won 27 times. That is over 25% of the time! Incredible.

This got me thinking. The American League East is a beast. Out of the six divisions in baseball, they are far and away the best. Consider this: In this decade, the A.L. East has produced four World Champions and have won seven pennants. Here is the count: Pennants—Yanks 4, Red Sox 2, Rays 1. World Championships—Yanks 2, Red Sox 2.

Congrats, Yanks!!

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Congrats, Don!