Monday, August 01, 2005


OK, I really signed up for a blog because I wanted to post a message on Susan DiPlacido's blog. Also, it seemed like the thing to do. I mean everyone has a blog, right? I was the last kid on the block with a cell phone and I didn’t want to be left out in the cold without a blog to communicate my rants/angst/success with the rest of the world. The only problem—I don’t necessarily WANT to communicate my rants/angst/success with the rest of the world. But that will come, I’m sure, once I get into the whole blog swing. I guess this blog will mostly be geared toward my attempts at getting my two novels (“Into the Sunset” and “Like I’ve Never Been Born”) represented by an agent. "Sunset" is a comedy; "Born" is my serious "literary" novel, in which John Lennon is central to the story. More on those books in the next post.

Hey, I'm starting to like this!


SusanD said...


You posted! And reformatted. Niiice. It looks great. And thanks for the plugs -- very cool of you!

For any agents out there reading, you oughta sign Don up cause "Like I've Never Been Born" is great!

And aaahh, you're a reluctant blogger. That's cool. I'd like to see you unleash a nice rant once in a while though.

Anyhow. Good luck with the space here. Me likey.

Don Capone said...

Thanks. And don't worry—a few dozen more rejections and I'll start ranting just fine!

joe g said...

Well, congratulations and good luck on this 'new frontier'!

(I give it a month).
Just kidding of course.

By the by, let it be known that I have neither a cell phone or a blog. Guess I win.

Best wishes on your future rants,
I'll be visiting,