Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My Two Novels

I’m currently seeking representation for my two novels, “Into the Sunset” and “Like I’ve Never Been Born.” “Sunset” is a comic novel, while “Born” is more literary, my serious piece, but not without its moments of humor.

Since the books aren’t agented, I’m wary about putting my ideas out here on the internet. So I’ll be cagey about their descriptions. “Like I’ve Never Been Born” is my second novel, and probably the better of the two (due in large part no doubt to the fact that I already had the experience of writing the first one).

“Like I’ve Never Been Born” incorporates a landmark event in rock n’ roll history with the personal journey of my main character, Angela Girardi. I have been sending agent query letters out for the past two months, which have been roundly and soundly rejected. Frankly (and at the risk of sounding pretentious), if I was an agent and this query crossed my desk, I’d want to take a look at the manuscript, since it involves one of the legendary figures in pop culture and rock n’ roll history. But...because of the cool reception, and because I’ve just completed a revision on “Sunset,” I think I’ll try again with that book...

“Into the Sunset” is a comedy, plain and simple. It has sex, disguises, work place humor, sex, and romance. What else do you need to know? My main character, Wayne Benson, hatches a plot to lessen the stress of his bachelor lifestyle. The idea is brilliant, edgy, outrageous, and it just might work. Or will it? Sorry, I can’t be more specific about the plot. But I will say that while I was writing this book I always felt it would make a great film. I’ll give a more complete summary of the plot in future posts, and keep you informed as to my query success/failure for this book.

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