Monday, August 01, 2005

Susan DiPlacido's Novels-great summer reading!

Wow! I feel like I've been to Vegas and back three times. And lost my wallet, shirt, and heart along the way. DiPlacido has a winning recipe here. Without sending it out to a lab, I think I've determined the main ingredients: Part chick lit with a dash of Elmore Leonard, a hint of Mark McGwire's testosterone-based steroids, a pinch of Quentin Tarantino's violence (for extra zing), and finally some Penthouse letters to raise the temperature past the boiling point. Forget Oprah's reading list, take this one out to the pool with you so you can jump right in and cool off when you need to. Excuse me now, I need to take a cold shower.

In "Trattoria," Susan DiPlacido presents a different side of Las Vegas than she does in her other novel "24/7." The setting is not a corporate-owned casino and its accompanying gambling lifestyle, but a family-owned Italian restaurant, struggling for survival, and a gambling of a different sort-on love and family. DiPlacido brings the reader into the lives and minds of her characters, their inner desires and fears. You're rooting for everything to work out for them, but just like in real life, you know all too well what's at stake, and that the odds for a happy ending are stacked against them. "Trattoria" is a fun ride and it was hard to say goodbye to the characters when I finished the book.

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